How Makeup Affects Your Skin

Image result for makeup full faceWhen girls (or possibly guys) wear makeup, their goal is to improve their looks. But what some don’t know is that makeup actually ruins your skin. You wear it for a short term appearance, but the makeup may cause long term affects on your skin… (not long, but about like a week type of long)

Some people experience allergic reactions to common cosmetic-product ingredients. the reactions come in two different types; irritant contact dermatitis, which is an itching or burning and allergic contact dermatitis, which is more of a “true” allergy to specific ingredients that resultt in swelling, itching, or blistes.

Image result for acneMakeup can also cause acne if you did not already know. You’ll usually be fine if you’re  reminding yourself about removing your makeup at the end of the day and immediately after exercise. However, certain oils in many cosmetics can cause or worsen acne. There is a name for this type of acne cause; acne cosmetica. It is when your pores are blocked, therefore causing bumps on the chin, cheeks and forehead. Acne cosmetica happens when oils from your makeup collect in and clog your pores, so thick liquid or cream products are often less usImage result for bare face no makeuped than lighter products like powders.

To avoid getting skin reactions try to look for makeup products that are oil free. If you ever have a reaction in the future or if you have some sort of reaction right now, then try to take a step back from makeup. Let your skin rest, and make sur you wash your face daily. With good care of your skin and body, you can prevent negative reactions from makeup.




The World’s First Straighter Brush- Review

I am so tired and bored of the typical hair straightening flat iron ish, aren’t you? Flat irons take time, patience and way too much effort. Are you ready for this new big jump…?

I present to you, the world’s first electric hair brush.

Though this product is not exactly brand new, it is still new to many. This brush is called “Straighter Brush”. It’s designed to look like a normal hair brush. Like a normal brush used it to untie your hair, this brush is used to straighten your hair in less than 5 minutes. These brush straighteners are sold all around the world. Usually, their prices will be between 50-90 dollars depending on what type and quality it is.

There are many benefits to this product. I personally find it very simple, yet very helpful. Many women out there who depend on straightening their hair every day would want to take a look at this. It saves you a lot of time and way less effort.

Though I have not yet bought this or tried it, I think i would rate it a 4/5 stars. The product seems to word pretty well based on some of the youtubers I follow. Everyone seems to be pleased with the product.

The REAL Definition Of Beauty! MUST READ!

Image result for true beautyHave you ever been called beautiful? Have you ever called anyone beautiful? Do you know the actual definition of true beauty? Do you even have a clue?

True beauty is not about how “On point” your makeup and hairstyle is. It’s not how pretty the coat you’re wearing makes you look. Let’s start with, it has nothing to do with your physical appearance.

“True beauty is in the inner soul”, my grandma once said. At that time, I never knew what that meant. I thought she was just trying to cheer me up when I felt down and moody. I was never confident about my physical looks. I always thought I was the ugly duckling out of all my classmates, I was always the one left out, always the one who never knew how to play any sport, always the one who was name called, always the one left out.

As I grew up, I realized, everything I was so insecure about became the reason why I stand out in front a large crowd of people. They were the things that later on made me unique from others. And I am grateful for that.

True beauty is who you are on the inside. You can be the prettiest girl in your class. Heck, you can be the prettiest in your school, but if you have a pitch black heart, you ain’t beautiful. Now get over yourself! (LOL. Totally joking. You’re all beautiful. But try to be pretty inside and out!)

Stay Bootyful 😉

Welcome To Beauty Beyond The Bones

Image result for beautyWelcome! I’m very glad you made it to here. I had made 2 other different blogs about different topics, however, I felt like I needed one just for Beauty. I thought this name would be unique and would exciting. On this blog, I will focus on beauty tips, life hacks, sharing experience… it is basically meant for the girls, but if your not a female but still want to follow, you’re definitely free to follow or unfollow me! Thank you so much for reading this blog! Stay tuned for more beauty posts. 🙂